Maltese wrestlers perform well in England

Monday, April 7, 2014, 8:46

The Maltese National Wrestling Team managed to obtain very good results at the Nottingham Midlands Open. The seven Maltese wrestlers obtained three Gold medals, one Silver and two Bronze, a total of six. In all 165 wrestlers from various countries took part.

    One of Malta’s most promising young wrestlers, Gary Giordimaina, won a Gold Medal in the Cadet 54kg beating by superiority  Pakistani H. Saleb and M. Neicic of Poland.

    Adam Vella won Gold in the Senior 61kg by beating on points superiority K. McKeon of Scotland.. Vella is in his preparations to represent Malta at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games.

    Veteran Wrestler Abraham Vassallo did not fail to win Gold in the Senior 90kg. He won against Hardeoo Hajga of India and Jonathan Giroud of Switzerland.

   Another promising Maltese wrestler was David Galea in the Senior 78kg. In this his first experience abroad he did not fail to win Silver after overcoming Ajetdal Athal and Ajetdal Zthal both of Pakistan.

    Another wrestler preparing for the Commonwealth Games was Andrea Saliba in the Senior 72kg. Winning two and losing two resulted in his winning the Bronze.

    Another Bronze went to Benjamin Micallef in the Senior 87kg also in his first competition abroad . He beat Hardeea Sing of Pakistan.

    The seventh Maltese wrestler was Aidan Buhagiar in the Senior 96kg. Although not winning any medals he gave quite a good performance especially against wone of Europe’s best wrestler Gregary Martinetti if Switzeralsnd.

    The Maltese wrestlers were under the guidance of Maltese National Wrestling Coach Jesmond Giordimaina.


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