Maltese Water polo Referees to start refereeing in Italy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 10:28

Following initial contacts that the ASA General Secretary, Mr. Remy Damato had with the President of the Federazione Italiana Nuoto (FIN), Sen. Paolo Barelli, and the subsequent meetings held in Rome and Pescara, involving the President of the Aquatic Sports Association (ASA) and Malta Water Polo Referees Association, Dr Austin Sammut and Mr Mario Dalli, respectively, the first step was taken to, amongst other things, introduce Maltese referees to Italian Water Polo in an effort to increase their exposure and increase their standard, which is already acceptable both locally and internationally.Action from last season's ASA 1st Division League

An initial agreement, also approved by the Council of both the ASA and the Federazione Italiana Nuoto (FIN) was signed last November and all efforts done by the ASA will now see that Maltese Water polo Referees will start refereeing water polo matches in Sicily as from 2010. There exist very good prospects that gradually Maltese referees will also control other water polo matches in other parts of Italy. As the Federazione Italiana Nuoto holds similar agreements with the Croatian and Serbian associations, Maltese water polo referees could also benefit from these agreements.

Roberto Petronilli, the new President of the GUG (Referees) and Nello Russo, a council member of the Italian Swimming Federation will be in Malta on the 15 January 2010 to sign the formal agreement with the ASA. Mr Petronilli is a well known ex-international referee, who from 1986 to 2004 was appointed to participate in various international competitions such as the Olympic Games, Water polo World Cups and Champions Leagues. Roberto Petronilli is also a well known figure to the Maltese Water Polo having officiated matches from the early 1980s with his last appearance in Malta being as Team Manager of the Italian National Team during the European Juniors in September 2007

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