Maltese Triathletes excel at the Vulcano Regional Championships in Catania

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 13:53

Maltese Triathletes keep showing their mettle at international races, where four local triathletes achieved very good results when taking part in a standard distance triathlon (1.5Km swim, 40Km cycle, 10 Km run) in Sicily.

On Sunday 29th September 2013, David Galea, Jude Zammit, Gaetano Catania of Agones SFC and Graham Borg of Athleta Pembroke competed in the Vulcano Olympic Triathlon, the regional championship race organised by FITRI (Federazione Italiana Triathlon).

The apparent near perfect weather conditions were almost spoilt by jelly fish infested waters. Despite the assurance of the organisers that these species were harmless,participants were still advised to use wetsuits as a precaution.

As expected, the first Maltese athlete out of the water was Graham Borg who kept his consistent swimming performance, having enjoyed an excellent swimming season. Graham exited the water segment in a time of 25 min despite it being 300m longer than the usual distance applied for this type of standard distance. Borg having to work much of the time leading the pack in the draft legal bike segment finished the race in 2:15:48 earning a 3rd place in his category. Galea coming from an extraordinary season that already saw him winning the age group in the middle distance triathlon (1.9km swim, 90km cycle, 21k run) in Trapani in April and more recently placing 2nd in his category in a long-distance triathlon (3.8.Km swim, 180Km cycle, 42.2 Km run) in Henley on Thames, apart from the very good results achieved locally, finished the race with an excellent run and beating the Sicilian regional champion in his category by placing 8th overall and 1st in his category in a time  of 2:09:59. Jude Zammit and Gaetano Catania both competing in the same category also achieved very good results by placing 1st and 3rd respectively. Zammit like Galea also coming from a 2ndplace in his age group in Henley on Thames triathlon managed a very good run to pick up positions and finish in 2:15:40. Catania despite the mishap of having to swim without the wetsuit managed a solid performance with a result of 2:21:46.

A presentation was held immediately after the race, with all four Maltese athletes enjoying their place on the podium. The Maltese athletes’ success was congratulated by the organisers and also generated a lot of interest in the local media who were very interested to know about the Maltese Triathlon scene.

These athletes will now be competing in the BBB-Buff Malta National Triathlon Championships which will take place on Sunday 6thOctober at the Salina Coast Road in Bahar ic-Caghaq. The Road, from the Telgha ta’Alla W Ommu Junction to the entrance of Maghtab will be closed for vehicular traffic on Sunday 6th October from 7:45am until 10:45am to ensure athletes’ safety. Motorists’ cooperation is greatly appreciated.



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