Maltese Lifters at the Powerlifting World Championshops Boston 2012‏

Monday, November 5, 2012, 13:55

This year WDFPF world powerlifting championships  took place in BostonUSAon the 26th, 27th and 28th October and two athletes from Malta participated in the Championships. On Friday 26th president Wim Backelant and general secretary Yulia Segal addressed the congress were all the nations present were informed about the latest results and new regulations from the federation. Saturday 27th was the unequipped competition whilst Sunday 28th the equipped competition took place.
the competitions where held in The Company Theatre Rockland Massachusetts with two platforms on stage.

on Saturday 27th October the unequipped competition stated at 7am were all the lifters weigh in and all the categories were arranged to 8 different flights for athletes to lift according to there flight.
the first Maltese was Francis Spiteri who took part in the under 82.5kg class.
Spiteri is 63 years old and so was in the Masters 5 category. he manged to squat 145kg, bench press 75kg and deadlift 175kg which gave him a total 395kg finishing 1st in the Masters 5 category and 8th on the platform.

the second Maltese lifter was Mario Mifsud who took part in the under 125kg class. Mifsud managed to squat 265kg which is a national record in his class, bench press 180kg and deadlift 320kg finishing with a total of 765kg. Mifsud is still the current world record holder of the deadlift in his class established in 2009 in Milton Keynes UK.
Mario Mifsud finished 2nd in class and 2nd over all lifters in schwartz points.

this was a fantastic experience, well organized by Dave Mansfield of the ADFPF with very positive results for Malta as we have a lot to offer in international powerlifting competitions

next year team Malta will be going to the World Powerlifting Championships Glasgow Scotland

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