Maltese Kickboxers defeat foreign opponents

Thursday, March 20, 2014, 0:40

In the latest edition of Gladiators Night three Maltese Kickboxers won their matches when facing foreign athletes. The matches were all of professional level and two were sanctioned under the World Kickboxing Network ( WKN ) .

Once again Gladiators Promotions gave a great show to the Martial Arts enthusiasts with Kickboxing, K1 and Boxing matches. Altogether there were 12 that varied from semi to professional level. Some of the Maltese athletes faced foreign ones, while the others faced Kickboxers from different Maltese clubs. Spectators saw a continuous spectacle of kickboxing techniques offered by local talent from nine Maltese clubs and foreign athletes.

The professional matches were those of Daniel “the Jet ” Zahra and Ruth Tanti from Team Noel and Brandon Borg from The Art of Fighting. The matches of Zahra and Ted were sanctioned by the WKN.
Zahra confronted the Algerian Chabotta with K1 rules and none of them gave pause in their attacks. Both athletes were constantly counterattacking and gaining points. Zahra began repeatedly hitting Chabotta with knee strikes and in turn the Algerian started hitting the Maltese with hard straight punches. In the end it was a judges’ decision that gave victory to Zahra by points.

Tanti faced Aubertini from France with Kickboxing rules and although it was a match between women both athletes had no leg protection. Aubertini started pressing into Tanti and take the points by hand techniques. Tanti began circling several times the French athlete and avoiding attack to be able to use leg techniques. It was a very balanced match that led to a not an easy decision for the judges to give the victory to Tanti.

Borg confronted Hayward from England with K1 rules and with gloves only. Borg started pressing all the time with several leg techniques with and repeatedly began gaining points with jumping knee strikes into the opponent. From his part Hayward started working harder on hand techniques. In the end the judges gave the victory to Borg by points.

The evening opened with an exhibition match between two athletes of Team Noel. The other athletes that won were Keith Said (Storm Kickboxing), Ryan Cachia (New Kickboxing), Melvin Fenech  (Ying Yang Team Noel), Darren Scerri (Basement Kickboxing), Aiden B.Catania (Ying Yang Team Noel), Ryan Scicluna (Wu Shu Ky), Christian Schemrbi (Wu Shu Ky). The Boxing match was won with a KO by Mercer from England in first round.

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