Maltese kickboxer in a Savate competition

Monday, April 2, 2012, 19:01

In March Daniel “the Jet” Zahra took part in a Savate competition but unfortunately lost by a few points against his French competitor.

This was the second Professional match for “the Jet” but his first one with Savate rules. In fact he is the first Maltese Kickboxer that ever took part in a competition of such discipline. On the other hand the French athlete has an experience of about 90 matches in Savate, K1 and Kickboxing.

Savate is a French Martial Art which is also known as French Kickboxing. This sport was originally created by French sailors in case they had to defend themselves while at sea. This style varies from Kickboxing due to the fact that it allows kicks to the front of the legs and the use of special shoes which have reinforced toes.

It was a balanced match throughout the 5 rounds with continuous attacks and counter attacks from both fighters. In the first round Debon went with a calm technique and studied the Maltese competitor and managed to knock him down but not out. Zahra controlled the second round with his classical jumping and spinning kicks and managed to keep ahead and controlled the whole round.

It was in the third and fourth round that Debon started to gain points and putting pressure on Zahra. In the fifth and final round the Savate practitioner showed his experience by putting Zahra on the defensive. Zahra and his coach, Master Noel Mercieca, had only one month to practice the techniques for such a different discipline. In the end the judges gave the victory to Debon only by a few points.

Currently talks or on the way so that later this year Debon would face Zahra again . But this time it will be under K1 rules competition in Malta. On another note, next month Christopher Debono, another member of the Ying Yang Kickboxing and student of Master Mercieca, will take part in a Boxing competition.



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