Maltese Futsal lacks international experience – Vojko Martinovic

Saturday, August 20, 2011, 21:27

by Sandro Micallef in Skopje, Macedonia

One of the key team members of Excess RP Bidnija is Vojko Martinovic. He scored two goals in the second game of his team in the UEFA Futsal Cup 2011. The player is looking forward to end this tournament on a high as he spoke with this site:

Vojko Martinovic

“After our second game were it was evident that we had improved on our first match performance I am sure we will be close to our opponents for the last match and I am confident we can win and register three points” commented the Serbian player.

Asked to compare the level of Excess RP Bidnija with the Turkish opponents of Sunday, Martinovic said that the Turks are practically the same level like the Maltese team especially on the tactical level, however he stressed that they are a bit stronger on the physical side.

Shifting his views on the domestic league that will resume in just over a months time Vojko Martinovic said that Futsal enthusiasts are already claiming that Excess RP Bidnija will win the league as they are the best team. “I do not agree with this because Futsal is a special game and this season it will be again though with two – three teams who can challenge for the title”

Asked to express his views about the level of Futsal in Malta the ex-Serbia youths International said that the MFA domestic league has improved since his arrival in Malta six years ago. “Unfortunately we get focused to win against each other in Malta but the problem is that we never think globally and internationally. To be competitive and well prepared for similar tournaments like this UEFA Futsal Cup Maltese clubs must plan and start experimenting by going abroad for international events more frequently” he added.

Martinovic who scored Bidnija’s two goals yesterday against CF Eindhoven added that the Malta FA needs to help more local Futsal by helping the Clubs who in return these need to have a better relationship and communication between them.

Asked if he would consider to form part of the Malta Futsal National team in the near future since his stay seems to be permanent here the Serbian said: “I would appreciate a lot should I be given the opportunity. I like the way Vic Hermans works in Malta and I fully support him so do the Maltese people as I think you are experiencing gradual growth with the game of Futsal” concluded Martinovic.

Excess RP Bidnija play their last match in the UEFA Futsal Cup on Sunday at 6pm. The Turks have player maker Keskin Cem suspended as he was sent shown a red card in the first game of the tournament after a lengthy scuffle with an opponent.

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    will this player be ready to provide some additional help to futsal nurseries if there are at all in malta ?


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