Maltese Double Trap shooters William Chetcuti and Nathan Lee Xuereb at the ISSF World Cup 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 20:49
Maltese Double Trap shooters William Chetcuti and Nathan Lee Xuereb competed tis week with the top world class shooters at The ISSF World Cup 2015  Al Ain UAE.
William Chetcuti started with a perfect straight of 30/30, followed by 29/30 in his second round. He managed 28/30 in his third and fourth round and 25/30 in his fifth. He managed a remarkable score of 140/150 equal 4th place in the qualification. A shoot off between him, Derek Haldeman and Olejnik Hubert had to determine two of them to enter the semi finals. Both Derek and Olejnik hit the first pair while William missed one clay that costed him a place in the finals and a possibility of an Olympic quota place.
Vasely Mosin from Russia won Gold and Olympic Quota place with 143/150 – 28/30 – 26/30
Marco Innocenti from Italy won Silver with 141/150 – 30/30 – 25/30
Davide Casparini from Italy won Bronze with 142/150 – 25/30 – 27/30
Haldeman Derek from USA placed 4th with 140/150+2 – 26/30 – 23/30
Willet James from Australia placed 5th with 142/150 – 23/30
Oljenik Hubert from Slovakia placed 6th with 140/150+2 – 21/30
William Chetcuti from Malta placed 7th with 140/150 +1
Nathan Lee Xuereb managed 24/30 in his first two rounds, 26/30 in his 3rd and 29/30 in his 4th and 5th rounds for a total of 132/150. William and Nathan Lee were assisted by their coach Jimmy Bugeja. Rennie Deguara competed in The Trap event.

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