Malta Fantasy Football 2010 – Rules of the game

All you have to do to participate is to select 11 players (1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders and 2 Attackers) from a pre determined Players Price List. The cumulative value of these 11 players must not exceed Eur300,000. You must not choose more than four players from the same team and you cannot choose more than four foreigners in your team.

Once you have selected the players, send an email to with your personal details (name, address, telephone number etc), the name of your team, and a list of the 11 players selected.

The players selected in your team will score points based on how they perform in the Premier Division matches. The following is the criteria are on how these points will be generated:

Appearances – 3 points will be given to players who play full game, 2 points for players who play more than 60 mins but less than a full game, and 1 point for the players who play less than 30 mins and 1 point for the players who play less than 60 mins.

Goals – 6 points per goal scored per defender/goalkeeper, 5 points per midfielder and 4 points per attacker.

Discipline – Negative 4 marks per each sending-off and 3 negative marks per each suspension received via the accumulation of 4 yellow cards.

Clean Sheet – If player plays for more than 60 mins – 6 points will be credited per goalkeeper , 4 points per defender, 2 points per midfielder. If player plays less than 30 mins: 3 points per goalkeeper, 2 points per defender and, 1 point per midfielder.

Man of the Match – 3 points per each Man of the Match Award received to one of your players.

On a weekly basis, an updated list of the points generated by the participating teams will be published on

So get your mind thinking – pick your team, and send us an email on

There are no limits on the number of teams which one may participate with.

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