Malta wins in Kickboxing

Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 12:44

Last month it has been organised a three nation Martial Arts event. Kickboxing and Thai Boxing athletes from Malta, Slovakia and the UK met in order to compete with each other in K1 matches. Terence Cilia was one of the Maltese Kickboxers that won his category.

 As a Ying Yang Club’s member Cilia was part of the team that represented Malta, which was the hosting country. Cilia competed with Scott Richards from the Samurai Fitness and Martial Arts Gym in Manchester UK. As a Thai Boxing practitioner Richards has numerous Title Belts in such discipline. Amongst them he has the UK Title Belt and the Golden Belt in Thai Boxing in his category

They had a K1 rules match of 3 rounds of 2 minutes each round. During the match both Cilia and Richards gave a spectacular show with their techniques. None of them backed down and kept on giving and receiving hit after hit till the end. The spectators witnessed a balanced match where Richards showed more action and where Cilia reacted with continues hits to the body and to the head. At the end it was a judges’ unanimous decision which gave the victory to Cilia and Malta.

 Cilia has been training with Master Noel Mercieca, founder of the Ying Yang Club, for the past 11 years. Cilia has a 3rd Dan Black Belt and since he started his Kickboxing carrier he won various Titles on International and Local level. In 2008 he even won a Boxing match versus a British Boxer. This year he even won his first World Kickboxing Network (WKN). This year he even won his World Kickboxing Network’s (WKN) K1 European Title Belt.

This year as well another member of the Ying Yang left his mark. Daniel “The Jet” Zahra is the first Kickboxer which has been nominated as a the Sportsman of the Year. The Ying Yang Kickboxing Club is even a member of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN). For more information regarding training days please visit the website or contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or

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