Malta Weightlifting team to participate in games in Brindisi

Thursday, January 24, 2013, 14:33

This week, the Maltese National Weightlifting team will be leaving Malta to participate against 19 countries in the Mediterranean Cup competition in Brindisi, Italy. The Maltese athletes will be in action next Saturday.

The Maltese squad is made up of: Rodmar Pulis, Matthew Muscat Inglott, Jovan Reljic, and Nicole Gatt, under the supervision of the national coach, Jesmond Caruana. Stephen Borg will be one of the technical officers in the competition. This is the first time that Malta will be participating with a full team abroad during the Mediterranean Cup.

Before the competitions the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation (MWC) is having the elections in which Caruana will contest the election for the post of executive member. During this week there will be Seminars organized as well holding the theme of “New studies and research, aimed at the development of strength in young”

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