Malta turn the match around to win against Norway

Saturday, June 5, 2010, 18:26

Photo by Matthew Scerri

Rugby League for Malta is still in its infancy and it is catching up with the people’s enthusiasm in the stands as seen yesterday evening at the Victor Tedesco Stadium. Malta was trailing in the first ten minutes by 0-10 and the players seem to have been as slow as the support on the stands. On seeing this, the South End Core moved up a gear in their support and the players reacted turning the score around to 12-10 at the end of the first half.

Norway regained the lead with its second run towards the try line in the second half, but from then on it was the home team which dictated play. The support on the stands was incredible with Norwegians and Maltese alike in a festive mood chanting and accompanied by the trumpets and drums of the SEC group. With the final score being 30-20 the Maltese converted all their tries except for one and were close on a couple of other tries. The team thus celebrated their first official match with a well deserved win on their debut.


Paul Bartlett, Shaun Bartlett (Cardiff Demons) Chris Parker (Gateshead Thunder), Malcolm Attard, Clifford Debattista, Mario Fountain, Daniel Grima (C), Joss Howland, Chris Morton, Mark Seychell, Matthew Von Brockdorff, (North), Charlie Bonanno (Paramatta Eels), Adolf Attard, Graham Attard, Peter Bradley, Clayton Cassar, Mark Cortis, John Micallef-Moreno, Jurgen Pavanello (South), Paul Borg (Widnes St Mary’s)

Coach: Anthony Micallef


Vince Cabestro, Peter Engeland, Cameron Leslie, Anders Linnestå, Glenn Pattersen, Fredrik Skovly (C) (Oslo Rugby Klubb), Kristian Ytterdahl Elgheim, Tommy Kjøniksen, Magne Kleven, Eric Peter Mellor, Bjørn Mikkelsen, Isaac Schmidt (Lillestrom Lions), Kristoffer Borsheim, Joshua William Skidmore Hornby, Tony Ivanisevic, Erlend Granly Meldalen, Erlend Røysum, Trym Vindal  (Oslo City Seagulls)

Coach: Warren Heilig

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  1. andy says:

    Well done to All ! another proof that Support from the stands can turn things around !! A big well done to the South End Core guys .


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