Malta to play Hungarian selection and “rest on the World” this Friday

Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 15:00

By Sandro Micallef

Sergio Afric, the  National Waterpolo coach has selected a strong 13 man squad to play in what can be described as a one time friendly against a selection of foreign Waterpolo players currently in Malta.

Joe Caruana Curran

This has been revealed today by the ASA President Joe Caruana Curran during a Press Conference in which details were given about this prestigious event to be staged at the National Pool this Friday at 6pm.

Mr. Caruana Curran said that the first two sessions of this game will be between the ASA selection and a selection from the Hungarian players playing in Malta, whilst in latter part of the game Malta’s selection will be play against a selection of other nationality foreigners that are at the moment engaged with local Clubs. The ASA President said this event was an initiative of Mr. Michael Soler the  General Counsel of Hungary in our country.

During his address to the media Mr. Soler who is still very passionate about the local Waterpolo game (after his glorious times as goalkeeper with  Sliema ASC in the 80’s) said that this event is being organized to commemorate the end of the EU Presidency by Hungary and since over the past years many Hungarian players made regular stints in the National Waterpolo Championships it was an ideal occasion to celebrate in style with a sporting event.

The current top Hungarian players Tamas Molnar of Neptunes and Raymund Fodor of Sliema will be featuring in the first two sessions with the Hungarian side.  After this mini game a presentation will follow whereby the Hungarian Ambassador for Malta will present tokens to both the ASA for hosting this game and also to all the players and officials.

The third and fourth session will see the Malta selection play against a selection of other foreigners playing currently in Malta. The “rest of the World” team will be led by Neptunes’ coach Sergei Markoch.  Amongst the players that have already accepted the ASA’s invitation are: Gojkovic, Rath, Sutic, Cousin, Simonic  and Cuk.

In a short address to the media Malta National team coach Afric said that this is a great opportunity for the Maltese players to play against very high profile players. Afric added “This will also serve as an additional preparation for our next two international competitive fixtures that we have next week against Turkey home and against Poland away”.  He remarked also that after assessing his 13 man squad during these two mini games against the Hungarian and the “rest of the World” selection he will make his final decision of the list of players that he will call up for the double header where Malta stands a great chance of  qualifying to the European finals.

In the meantime Afric will be welcoming back in the National team Paul Privitera who is set to make his comeback after he had recently unofficially quit the National team due to work commitments.

Ticket prices for the game against the Hungarian players selection and “the rest of the World” selection will be the same as those one pays for the National Championship games.

Malta                                                                                              Foreign Player Selection

 Alan Borg Cole                                                                      Raimund Fodor              Vladimir Gojkovic

 Ryan Coleiro                                                                          Adam Decker                  Filip Trajkovic

 Paul Privitera                                                                        Robert Kovacz                 Nikola Sutic

Clint Debono                                                                          Tamas Molnar                Pedrag Zimonic

Jerome Gabarretta                                                             Balasz Nyecki                  Mihajlo Korolja

John Soler                                                                               Yuri Szekes                      Miklos  Korolja

Karl Galea                                                                               Tamas Gyrovath            Bogdan Rath

Timmy Sullivan                                                                     Zoltan Radocz                 Aurelien Cousin

Steve Camilleri                                                                     Adam Maklari                 Marco Cuk

Jordan Camilleri

Niki Lanzon

Michele Stellini

Andrea Bianchi

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  1. wpolofan says:

    the names are:

    Rajmund Fodor
    Robert Kovacs
    Balazs Nyeki
    Yuri Szeles
    Tamas Gyurovath


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