Malta Tennis Federation launches Tennis 10s programme

Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 21:25

Malta 9th February 2012, The Malta Tennis Federation (MTF) announced today the launch of the Tennis 10s programme. The launch of the programme coincided with the visit of International Tennis Federation (ITF)/ Tennis Europe Development officer, Hrvoje Zmajic. During his visit Mr. Zmajic met with the MTF, the Tennis 10s MTF sub-committee, club representatives and the coaches. Mr. Zmajic, who has a Master Degree in Physical Education from the University of Zagreb, has been coaching Junior Tennis for over 25 years. Since 2003 he has been the ITF/Tennis Europe Development Officer for Europe.

Through Tennis 10s players aged 10 and under do not train or play competition with a regular yellow ball on a full court, but instead train and compete with a Red, Orange or Green ball on the appropriate sized court. In Tennis 10s the use of slower balls and smaller courts enables players to develop the most efficient technique, and to implement advanced tactics, that in most cases could not be performed using the yellow ball on the full court.

The newly appointed coordinator of the Tennis 10’s programme, Claire Arrigo explained that the aim of implementing such programme in Malta is to get more children into the game and retain them for the longest time possible. ‘The key objective of the programme is to get children at a young age to play and stay in the game of Tennis. We need a holistic approach to the development of the game where children have fun while playing Tennis.’

A key component of the programme in the next 12 months is the organization of MTF-led Tennis Festivals throughout the various Tennis clubs and schools in Malta. A tentative schedule of 12 Festivals in 2012 has been set with the launch event taking place at the Marsa Sports Club in April 2012. In this Festival, children from different Tennis Schools and Clubs will be able to play with each other in a fun and non- competitive environment.

The success of the programme in Malta will depend on the application of the Tennis 10s principles by the coaches in different schools and clubs across the island. To this end the MTF with the support of the ITF/Tennis Europe is creating a 5-star coaching programme where coaches will have access to ITF Tennis experts in the field. This programme will run over 5 workshops in 2012.

Dr. David Farrugia Sacco, President of the MTF stated that this project will boost the number of junior players taking up the game of tennis besides offering the game to young children in a methodical manner. He thanked Messrs. Gasan Mamo; the partners of the federation in promoting the game of tennis.

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