Malta takes part in FEGAT Cup

Friday, June 28, 2019, 9:24

The Malta Racing Club is always striving to give opportunities to its member drivers to participate in international competitions and that is why as from this year it became a member of FEGAT the European Association for Amateur Drivers. Because of this for the first time Malta will be represented in the FEGAT Cup being held in Austria next Sunday.

The Maltese representative is 26 year old Redent Magro who left for Austria Friday morning so that he will participate in 3 races at the Wels Racetrack together with 10 drivers coming from Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Although Magro will be wearing the national colours for the first time, he has already some international experience due to races arranged on a personal basis. Since he obtained his licence in January 2010 he has won a total of 104 races, 13 of them this year.

The driver draws will be done late on Friday in the presence of the drivers themselves whilst the actual races will be on Sunday afternoon. Each driver will gain points according to the order of finish with points also being deducted if a driving offence is committed. Whips in these competitions are not allowed.

The driver with the greatest number of points after three races will be declared the winner and also gains the right to participate in the Amateur World Championship to be held in Florida next year.

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