Malta succumb to stronger Swedes

Monday, May 9, 2011, 10:31

The Maltese national rugby team was defeated 24-17 by sweden in their European Championships Division 2A game.

Sweden’s attack was strong from the opening moments of the game with the Swedes scoring a try within the first five minutes of the match.

Malta responded with a penalty to gain 3 points, but the half time score reflected a tight match with a score of Sweden 7 – Malta – 3.

Within the first five minutes of the second half, one of the Maltese players received a yellow card, leading to a try and conversion by Sweden resulting in a 14-3 score.

Malta responded with a try making the score a more even 14-10, but another Swedish try put the home teain the lead by 21 points to 10. Malta won a penalty bringing them 3 more points (to13) but another kick by Sweden put them in the lead by the final whistle by 24-13.

Despite the result, Malta remain in third place in Division 2A, below Lithuania and Sweden. This follows Croatia’s loss against Lithuania of 29-12. In the group, Lativa are fourth and Croatia are in fifth place.

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