Malta rugby national team climbs another 4 positions in the World Rankings list

Monday, November 7, 2011, 13:51

The International Rugby Board have just released the updated World Rankings list, week ending Sunday 13thNovember 2011.

Last week Malta climbed 7 positions from number 53 to number 46 after beating Latvia away 28-0.

Following another victory last Saturday at the Hibernians Stadium in Corradino, a 14-10 comeback home win toLithuania, Malta has reached new heights and climbed another 4 positions to now occupy number 42 in the new official IRB World rankings list. Despite defeat, our opponents Lithuania remain at number 39.

In the other weekend match from Division 2A in Split, Croatia’s home victory 34-08 over Latvia sees them climb from number 51 to number 50, while Latvia drop even further from number 68 to number 69.

The top 5 remain unchanged with world champions New Zealand in pole position, followed by Australia, France,South Africa and England.

Division 2A – Latest Standings: Sweden (P6 / 24 Points); Lithuania (P6 / 19 Points); Malta (P6 / 16 Points); Croatia (P6 / 11 Points); Latvia (P6 / 8 Points)

Remaining matches: 21st April 2012 – Malta vs Sweden; 28th April 2012 – Latvia vs Lithuania; Croatia vs Malta; 5th May 2012 – Sweden vs Latvia; Lithuania vs Croatia

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