Malta participating in the Sports Fishing World Championships

Sunday, August 14, 2011, 9:15

For the first time in its history Malta through the NFSAM will be represented in the Sports Fishing World Championships which are due to be held in Tuscany Italy, between the 28th of August and the 4th of September. The National Federation has accepted an invitation by FIPS-MER the governing body to participate in these Championships.

No less than 66 Nations have so far applied to take part, with a total of 5100 participants. This through various disciplines ranging from, fresh water, sea water, fly fishing and distance casting; these are further subdivided into other categories.

Malta will be represented by 11 athletes, 2 teams of 5 and 1 reserve, and will be taking part in the discipline known as Fishing with Float from Harbour Installation.

This a very specialist category and it involves fishing with what is called a Bolognese rod, nothing to do with spaghetti though.
This is a type of rod varying in length between 5 to 8m, with guides and a reel seat. When one mentions fishing with a rod and reel usually one associates this with beach ledgering, but in this case a fixed or running float is used, where on is still able to cast a notable distance with a mere 2g float as an example.

Very fine lines are used, usually a .14mm line in the reel and between .08 and .12mm for the terminal rig. These would typically have a breaking strength of between .400g to a kilogram, so great care has to be taken when playing a fish, here is where the angler’s ability hits home actually, while reeling in a 2kg mullet on a .5kg breaking strength line.

Ever angler will be distributed with the same type of baits, but may opt for any line, float or hook he wishes, although the hook cannot be smaller than a size 10.

Team Malta will be in Grosseto on the 27th of August and the next day will travel to Florence to take part in the official opening ceremony. The next day will be a day dedicated to training with all competition rules in attendance. The competition matches will be held on the 30th and 31th August respectively at Porto Santo Stefano Via Lungomare dei Navigatori. A presentation will follow during a Gala Night on the evening of the 31st.

The Maltese anglers were chosen according to last season’s standings of the National Federation league. One cannot fail to mention the dedication and determination to succeed of these anglers who opted to take part in this world class event by volunteering to pay for all the expenses from their pockets, as otherwise Malta`s participation would not have been possible.

A word of thanks is also in line for FIPS-MER who by extending an invitation to the Malta Fed waivered an 850euro membership fee for this year only, and for this we are very grateful.

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