Malta Motorsport Federation reacts to Budget

Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 12:00

The Malta Motorsport Federation in a Press release issued yesterday said that it was very pleased with the Budget 2011, where it comes to incentives for the Motorsport Enthusiast. 

Earlier this year, the Malta Motorsport Federation presented a set of budget proposals for the 2011 budget; measures aimed at assisting Motorsport Enthusiasts.  These proposals were all very well received, and it is with pleasure to note that two of these have been accepted and included in the 2011 Budget.

During the past months, Malta Motorsport Federation officials worked very closely with the Parliamentary Secretary for Youths and Sports, Clyde Puli and his office, together with Ministry of Finance and Transport Malta officers to discuss the MMF proposals. 

It is with pleasure to note that the Budget includes the introduction of the ‘V plate’, a special plate for Classic, Vintage and Historic Vehicles (i.e. cars, bikes and trucks) – a system which will be of great importance to Classic, Vintage and Historic vehicles vehicle collectors, and the reduction of Zero (0%) tax rate for the importation of motor racing vehicles to be used in approved tracks only (i.e. not for normal road use). 

Both items mean a reduction of expenses and a great assistance to Motorsport Enthusiasts. 


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