Malta Motorsport Federation condemns

Monday, November 15, 2010, 12:43

The Malta Motorsport Federation (MMF) refers to correspondence which has recently been published in various media – both printed and online – as a feeble and lowly attack on the MMF and its hard work to develop and improve the local Motoring sector. This insensible and vicious aggression seems to be directed at the MMF’s achievements since its inception three years ago.

These particular letters are aeons away from the truth, not only in their format but also in their substance. The MMF condemns the methodology, motivation and overall feelings emanating from these letters, and will not, in any way, be drawn into any futile and useless debate. Neither will the MMF cede to any threats – veiled or otherwise – nor will it give in to any pressure to bend its rules and regulations. Anyone who loves our sport and who has its development at heart is more than welcome to discuss within the existing structures of the MMF.

Only those with hidden agendas and personal retributions and recriminations resort to mud-slinging, without noticing that the only thing which is getting soiled is their own hand.

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