Malta Futsal host Switzerland in friendly tonight

Sunday, September 4, 2011, 11:00

The Malta International Tournament gets underway this evening at The Corradino Pavilion with the first match at 6pm beween UAE and Greece.  Malta will open its committments against Switzerland in the following game at 8pm.
For this game, National Team coach Vic Hermans has announed this formation:
Matthew Mifsud       Naxxar Motors
Cain Aguis                  Hibs F.C.
John Cutajar           Paola Down Town
Chris Brincat           Todos F.C.
Kurt Bartolo            Todos F.C.
Carlos Scicluna       Exces RP Bidnija
David Smith             Luxol
Melvin Borg             Paola Down Town
Glenn Bonello         Naxxar Motors
Cedric Sciberras    Paola Down Town
Xavier Saliba           Paola Down Town
Clint Cope                Excess RP Bidnija
George Frendo       Paola Down Town
Mohamed Taryk    Excess RP Bidnija

Vic Hermans the Malta National Futsal coach

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