Malta Futsal beaten 6-0 by strong Norway

Monday, January 17, 2011, 8:36

Malta vs. Norway 0-6 (HT 0-2)

Malta this evening managed to keep compact and defend well in the beginning with a 3-1 formation whilst Norway was constantly playing with a 1-2-1 tactic and having two extremely talented pivots in Reinemo and Lajaab who made all the dirty work for their team mates. In the second half mistakes in defense proved too costly and Norway won easily. Misses in front of the Norwegian goal post did not help at all to improve the confidence for the home team and continue in its quest for a positive result.

Abdurahim Lajaab opened the score after 10 minutes of play in which Malta controlled Norway with some fine defensive moves. Lajaab managed to find an opening at last when his low shot was directed to the second post and tricked both defender and keeper.

With seven minutes to go Vic Hermans asked for a time-out to regroup and speak again with his players. Henrik Arnesen chipped the ball over Mifsud in the sixteenth minute of the first half for the second Norwegian goal.

In the restart Malta again started off controlling the Norwegians but in the third minute the visiting team managed a counter attack with Thomas Klausen passing to Lajaab who scored with the easiest of finishes. Carlos Scicluna was yellow carded in the fourth minute. Immediately after Stian Sortevik managed a great pass to Lajaab who scored the fourth goal of the game.

With eight minutes to go a misplaced pass by Gera gave a goal scoring opportunity to Klausen who scored the fifth goal and Vic Hermans immediately asked for a time-out. Valoy Cato intercepted a wrong pass in the Maltese defense to score the sixth with four minutes to go.

Vic Hermans after the match was not at all pleased with all of the mistakes but at the same time he pointed out the good movements of the team defensive wise. “In the beginning the organisation was much better and I believe we deserved two to three goals. I am afraid we have to work on the concentration as it is lacking during the game especially at the end. Still I think we gave too many goals easy with silly passes in defense. In the future I believe if we improve our fitness we will better our performances.”

Malta: M. Mifsud, C. Brincat, J. Magri Overand, J. Cutajar (c), G. Frendo, N. Del Re, P. Bugeja, R. Magro, M. Borg, X. Saliba, G. Bonello, D. Gera, B. Vassallo, C.Scicluna, T. Zammit
Coach: Vic Hermans
Norway: M. Nordtun, K. Rakvaag, T. Egholm, T. Saether (c), H. Arnesen, C. Valoy, T. Klaussen, A. Lajaab, S. Sortevik, T. Reinemo, S. Johnsen, M. Ravlo, T. Ulvestad.
Coach: Esten Saether

Referees: Franco Cachia and Omar Rafiq
Timekeeper: Peter Abela

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