Malta Drifting Association – Championship 2016 Final Round

Thursday, December 22, 2016, 18:04

Marisa Grixti

Malta Drifting Association has held its last round – the big final – for 2016 Championship.

This Championship has grown through 2016: with new drivers; advances in driving abilities, powerful engines; and the awareness for this sports has progressed beyond anyone’s dream. From just a handful of drivers, we have now grown into a big drifting family! All drivers have given their best during this 2016 season; improving both on the driving styles as well as the cars performances and we have also seen a lot of new drivers joining us in the last few rounds. 
The Malta Drifting Association has endless plans for 2017; for the drivers to benefit as well as to put Malta on the globe for this motorsports! We will see new drivers starting in 2017, and also drivers that are aiming to go to Pro Category for the first year 2017.  An exciting year ahead! Keep in tune!
For this last round; in the PRO Category we have had once again Christian Borg… taking the title with his Nissan S14 for the 1st place, Kenneth Micallef making it back to the 2nd place with his BMW, and Brian Mifsud with his BMW taking the 3rd place.
For the Amateur class we had Philip Grima once again taking the 1st position with his Niasan S14, David Cachia coming back to the MDA family with his Nissan Skyline taking the 2nd position, and Brandon Camilleri making it to the 3rd position with his Nissan S12.
Yet, this is not the end for 2016! We have also had the championship titles – where we have had:
For the first time in history…. The Champion in the PRO category… for the 2nd year – GO BIG OR GO HOME – Christian Borg taking the 1st place in the championship once again! 2nd place – Melo Zammit with his Soarer which forms clouds every time he drives… and 3rd place Kenneth Micallef with his BMW powered by 1JZ!
For the Amateur Class we have had… in the 1st place… Philip Grima in his Nissan S14 who celebrated his first complete year of drifting… looking towards going to the PRO Category next year, 2nd place Brandon Camilleri with his Nissan S12 a new driver for this year and Shaw Pisani in the 3rd place who is also a new driver with us for this year!
Now… make sure you join us for the Charity event on the 26th December to witness some adrenalin and tyre burning at Hal Far Raceway! Keep following us… we will have more updates soon!

Christian Borg vs Kenneth Micallef

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