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Monday, September 13, 2010, 19:54

by Charlie Cardona, Vice President and Public Relations Officer – Malta Boxing Federation.

For the sake of the boxing and non-boxing public reading this article, and for the so-proclaimed “boxing fan for most of my life” individuals who however are unaware of the duties carried out by the Maltese Boxing Federation, I wish to point out the following points.

Ever since the MBF was revamped in August of 2008, the Federation has organized 2 international tournaments in Malta, precisely in November of 2009 and recently in September of 2010, and 2 local boxing events, in February 2009 and this years’ National Championships which I will re-mention later.  A number of affiliated boxers have also boxed abroad as a result of the MBF’s existence, namely in England on two occasions, in Morocco when Zac Farrugia won a bronze medal, the first ever medal won by a Maltese boxer, and in Milan, where Haithem Lamouz represented Malta in the World Championships, our first ever appearance in such Championships.

Besides, various boxers have participated in training camps abroad, through MBF contacts made through AIBA affiliation.  Such training camps were unheard of prior to MBF’s restart in mid 2008.

The MBF organized its first ever National Championships a few months ago.  It therefore recognized a National Champion in each weight category contested.  These champions are still current champions until next year’s Nationals.  During these championships another milestone was reached, since it was the first time ever that boxers, through their respective clubs were allowed to contest decisions which they felt were unfair.  In fact, a particular boxer appealed his decision to the Referees & Judges Commission of the MBF.  This, unlike other previous non-MBF events where Referees and Judges were always chosen by the promoter and no boxer or club could ever contest any decision.

Another point worth mentioning is that each MBF affiliated boxer has a record/medical book.  This must be produced before each bout, whether held in Malta or abroad, meaning no boxer is allowed to box without the book.  The medical officer will record any injuries sustained by the boxer and the official in charge will document the result of the bout in the book.  Thus every boxer will have his history of results and injuries documented in his particular book.  This will contribute to ever increasing safety and welfare for all boxers and for helping in the match-making of bouts, which in itself contributes to less chance of injury to less advanced boxers, as well as to balanced, pleasing bouts to watch.

Quite recently, a number of coaches and officials attended a seminar conducted by Mr Marc James, an Amateur Boxing Association of England qualified official.  Later these personnel were officially examined and those who passed were awarded certification meaning they are MBF recognized coaches and officials.  This means recognition by an AIBA provisional affiliate, thus recognition by AIBA itself.  This will hopefully lead to referees and judges officiating abroad in the future, and thus meaning a higher level of the local boxing game in all its aspects.

Another issue the MBF has worked upon right from the start is re-affiliation to the Malta Olympic Committee.  No Maltese Boxer can ever box in the Olympics if not through the auspices of a Boxing Federation affiliated to AIBA and to the MOC.  Here I make reference to your phrasing, “Afterwards, the aim is to train up and coming youngsters with the aim being to send a capable Olympic Boxing Team”.  Never can this happen, if not through an MOC and AIBA affiliated MBF.  No amount of boxing schooling will do the job without the necessary backing of a credible boxing body.

The above is only a portion of the work which has been done in the last two years by the Maltese Boxing Federation.  It is but just a few points to show the results achieved by a hard working and dedicated team of local boxing enthusiasts, the executive committee of the Malta Boxing Federation.  Therefore you pointing out that “save for the occasional tournament and disputes between members of the MBF, boxing in Malta remained dormant”, is a gross understatement.

I conclude by making reference to your mentioning the disputes which have taken place within the MBF.  Such disputes are all part of the democratic process of every Federation or Association.  Disputes are lacking in dictatorship parties, where one man says it all and the others just bow whether they agree or not.  We can assure anyone that organizations where disputes never erupt are hardly half as democratic as the Malta Boxing Federation.

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