Malta becomes a full member of FISA, the World Rowing Federation

Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 12:39
Malta has today been accepted to become a full member of FISA, the World Rowing Federation … An excellent prelude for the National Regatta 2015, which for the first time is being held under the technical responsibility of the national federation.
Gavin Muscat

Għaqda Regatta Nazzjonali u Qdif Ieħor, the Maltese Rowing Federation was today formally accepted as a full member of FISA, the World Rowing Federation. This decision was taken during the 2015 FISA Ordinary Congress held today, 7th September 2015 in Chambéry, France.

FISA (from the French, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron) is the governing body of the sport of rowing and sets the rules and regulations for the practice of the sport, in all its forms including elite, para-rowing, coastal, masters and aspects of indoor rowing. FISA also oversees sanctioned World Rowing events and provides advice and expertise for the organisation of rowing regattas.

Rowing is well practiced sport in Malta, with two main National Regattas held annually. According to Joseph Grima, president of the national federation, “The National federation is fully aware that rowing as practised in Malta is part of our tradition and culture, but as a national federation, we want this sport to grow. It is also highly encouraging that our sports is popular amongst the youths which have their own Under 18 Regatta but we want more athletes, young
and old, to join us.”

The National Federation has been making significant progress in recent years and tomorrow’s 8th September Regatta will be the first National Regatta to be held under the full technical responsibility of the National Federation. According to Grima, “We are extremely happy with the recent achievements made by our federation and we are eager to continue developing. We are investing significantly in improving the practices associated with traditional rowing, but we also want to get into other forms of rowing including sliding-seat rowing, coastal rowing and  indoor rowing, which will inevitably attract new blood into the Maltese rowing community. Joining FISA is essential for us to achieve our objectives as our accession will mean that we may now benefit from their well-established coaching and development programmes. It will also mean that Maltese rowers can now take part in international rowing events, such as the European or World championships.”

The news of Malta’s accession into FISA, the World Rowing Federation, comes on the eve on the main rowing event in Malta which will be held in the Grand Harbour, as per tradition. The first race is due to start at 1pm.

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