Malta Basketball Association AGM 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 17:32

Mr. Paul Sultana and Mr. Joseph Muscat were confirmed as MBA President and MBA General Secretary respectively and after amendments in MBA statute which were approved earlier this year the new term is for 4 years. Mr. Ray Mercieca has returned in the Deputy President post which he occupied till some years ago whereas Mr. Noel Muscat has been confirmed as treasurer. There are three new faces in the post of Directors (who replaced the term Vice President) of the association together with the re-elected Ottavio  Terribile. These are Dr. Carlos Bugeja, Charles Bonnici and Kimmy Borg Alden.

During his address in the AGM held today, Mr. Sultana said that the most important achievement during his first term as MBA President was the start of the basketball academy which started this season. Mr. Sultana said the MBA invested a lot of money in this project including the a full time coach – Gabriele Alessi who conducted three different age groups from under 14 to under 18 together with Sandro Farrugia. He said that the regular training which these youth players done is already paying off and the result in Andorra by the under 18 female squad proves this. The MBA President announced that the works on the new gym will start shortly and it is estimated to be ready in six months. Particular thanks go to Architect Edgar Caruana Montalto who helped voluntarily MBA in this project which will provide clubs with adequate gyms to train in. “It was not an easy season especially after what happened after September flooding but thanks to many people and KMS we managed to survive this difficult moment” concluded Sultana whilst he thanked the outgoing President’s Council members.

The meeting was addressed by Mr. Joseph Muscat as well who started his speech by thanking all clubs for their co-operation throughout the season. He said that this season was a particular one especially after September’s flooding which caused a postponement of the junior’s league. He thanked KMS for making available the sports hall in Tal-Qroqq so that the seniors competitions could start. Mr. Muscat thanked a lot of people who helped MBA to replace the flooring in a very short period of 4 weeks. The mini-basket continued to increase the numbers thanks to Ivan Riolo’s input in this category. The MBA continued with its TV program 3 pointer and increased the hits on the official Facebook page. BOV, St.James Hospital,  MSV Life and Xuereb Installations confirmed their sponsorship towards the MBA. This year also saw the second Christmas Bonanza with all funds going to l-Istrina and for the first time ever a wheel chair basketball activity was carried out.

Referees director Mr. Brian Sly said that referees exchange program with the English Basketball Federation will continue this year as well. He said that talks with the Italian and Israelite Federation are being held for similar programs. Last year, Mr. Luke Camilleri was involved in this exchange by officiating important games in the British University & College Sport (BUCS) – Men’s and Women’s National Championship Finals and Lyn Shakespeare officiated games in Malta.

In conclusion of the AGM, the clubs approved a new registration window for non EU players in the beginning of September.

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