Majestic Kavallieri cruise to Cisk Lager League Championship

Sunday, April 17, 2011, 13:08
Kavallieri take Cisk Lager League Cup on Saturday 16 April (Photo: Kenny Schembri)

Kavallieri take Cisk Lager League Cup on Saturday 16 April (Photo: Kenny Schembri)

by Mike Turner 

KAVALLIERI 55      vs     VALLETTA 5

The major difference between the two sides was the coaching. Both teams showed passion and physicality, but the Kavallieri squad worked together as a united team who knew how to keep their pattern throughout the match. This was even more striking because the team was full of reserves brought up from the Tens squad, who were able to fit in at senior level seamlessly. It really says something positive for the skills of coach, Mr. Emmerson and the club organization.

By contrast, Valletta constantly made it hard for themselves by revealing their coaching deficit with lack of control of their game pattern, in defence and attack.

The first two tries by Mallia and Debierre were the result of classically simple ball winning followed by well timed flat, fast passes to create gaps and overlaps. Cutajar then scored with a wide angled run off the back of the scrum, converted by Allegruci, followed by a fine try by the promising young Kris Zammit. Allegrucci was putting some fine tactical kicks. Azzopardi added a try after more good rucking and recycling, with Edmunds converting. Edmunds then converted his own try and Debierre dropped the ball with the line open. Despite the territorial pressure by Kavallieri Valletta remained defiant and Borg made a good clearance kick, mis-fielded by Kris Zammit, but the superb Kavallieri drill won the ball back and after more re-cycling, Zammit redeemed himself by scoring the last try of the half in the corner when Valletta’s very promising but inexperienced MacLean hesitated in the tackle. In Borg, Psaila and MacLean, Valletta have some fine runners and some really hard working forwards such as Aquilina and Debono, but they need coaching guidance to harness all their passion and ability into correct patterns. Half time 41-0 to Kavallieri.

The second half began with long territorial pressure by Kavallieri, Grech and Cutajar enjoying several powerful, penetrating runs, and the first score was by the prop Cassar who caught a bad clearance and charged some 30 metres. His transfer from Alligators seems to have given him a new inspiration.

Zahra scored next for Kavallieri, showing sweet balance as he jinked through, followed by Mallia’s second with a power run, shoulder charging and hand-offs. Mallia then scored his hat trick when a quick line out caught Valletta napping, Allegruci snatched a chip from the air and the ball was passed wide.

Valletta never gave up and worked their way upfield and Borg made a superb break and weaving run with Psaila perfectly positioned at his side for a scoring pass. Sadly he held on and the opportunity was lost in the tackle. Finally after a huge effort to gain ground and win the ball, Valletta scored a good try – perhaps inevitably MacLean was the scorer.

Sadly their bad organization was illustrated when the kicking tee was not sent on and Borg had to try to convert with a hurried kick, which failed.

Grech wound up the match with a dynamic run for a try; Edmunds had converted two.

It was fitting that Captain Vassallo, who had played an influential, stalwart, anchor game throughout, called for “Three cheers for the coach” after the presentation of the Cisk Lager League Cup by Farsons executive Marco Debono.

A superb touch which showcases the great spirit of rugby and of the Kavallieri, was that attached to the fence was a pictorial and verbal tribute to young player Robert Attard, so tragically killed in a motor accident a few months ago.

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  1. Chris Vassallo says:

    Viva il-Kavallieri.

    This year’s league was the most competitive we ever had, a big weldone to Stompers and Overseas for fielding two very strong teams and for Valletta for fighting hard in every game no matter the score.

    I am very proud to be part of this great cub as even though this year we had so many injuries and a big big loss we still deliver the biggest target of this year.

    Weldone coach Matt Emmerson, no doubt that this years results where a result of your strong leadership and unrivalled rugby knowledge. We are extremely lucky to have you this year.

    David Borg was also curtail for our team this year as our team manager, getting us organized as a rugby team and making sure that every training session we step up and work for the league.

    My last comment goes to our great president Brian Miller, your ar truly an inspiration for me and all the players. Your success will go done in Kavallieri History forever!!

    Chris Vassallo
    No. 8 Kavallieri Rugby


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