Maintenance works on National Stadium’s West Stand canopy

Saturday, December 1, 2018, 9:25

The Malta Football Association has initiated maintenance works on the West Stand canopy of the National Stadium.

This extensive maintenance programme, which is expected to take several months, is in line with the recommendations made in a comprehensive inspection report on the structure of the West Stand canopy, conducted by an ISO accredited testing laboratory on behalf of the Malta FA.

The first phase, which involved works that needed immediate attention, was completed recently. The second phase is now underway – work has already started on parts of the canopy in the West C sector of the National Stadium.

The inclement weather which hit the Maltese islands over the past weeks has accentuated the need to proceed with these works immediately.

Based on the recommendations of the inspection report, the steel structure of the West Stand canopy has been divided into 12 sections. The planned works – one section at a time – will be scheduled around specific time-windows within the domestic and international match calendar.

The already-tight match calendar will be further updated following the draws of the European Qualifiers for the UEFA Euro 2020, being held this Sunday.

The Malta FA’s Infrastructure and Business Development Department is in constant contact with the Association’s Health and Safety Officer and the appointed Architect and Civil Engineer to take all the necessary precautions by way of ensuring the safety of the spectators.

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