Maestro Lamberto Raffi continues to push the Judo National Team

Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 9:24
Maestro Lamberto Raffi (right) with Saywell

Maestro Lamberto Raffi (right) with Saywell

The Malta Judo Federation assembled the National Team, so that together with Marcon Bezzina, Olympic Solidarity Scholarship Holder, could attend an intensive Training Camp under the guidance of Maestro Lamberto Raffi, an established name in the world of Judo, Grappling and Sambo.

Maestro Raffi is a medalist at the Judo Team European Championships,  and has won contests against the Olympic Champion Mark Huizinga NED and Roberto Meloni ITA, medalist at World Level. Maestro Raffi is an expert in ne-waza (ground work techniques) and strength and conditioning. He already proved, and continues to prove, his expertise by transferring his Judo knowledge even to other disciplines known for this specialization, winning top places in Sambo and Grappling.

Marcon Bezzina coached by Maestro Lamberto Raffi

Marcon Bezzina coached by Maestro Lamberto Raffi

During this intensive training camp, sessions were held both mornings and evenings, taking the opportunity of the long weekend. Maestro Raffi corrected and introduced many effective judo techniques. He was constantly on the mat challenging our athletes individually, so that he could see the effectiveness of what they were learning.

Jeremy Saywell, Brent Law, James Falzon, Joanna Camilleri, accompanied by Marcon Bezzina, are travelling to Vittorio Veneto, Italy, to compete in the 23rd International Judo Tournament.

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  1. vito says:

    Francesco Aufieri of 13 years old will also participate at this event in the class ‘esordienti’ he will participate both in a training program on friday with Maestro Bruno Carmeni at his prestigeous club in conegliano together with other Italian judokas of his age and compete on Sunday 20th. Francesco is the first judoka of his age in Malta to participate this year in such important events around Italy. He has been in Judo for the past 4 years and is lately training with the members of the national team. In treviso he will be representing his club the ‘Malta Judo Academy’.


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