Luxol Nursery Extend Their Services To St. Luċija FC Nursery

Saturday, July 2, 2016, 19:07

Gavin Muscat

Luxol Sports Club is delighted to confirm an agreement with St.Luċija  which will see both parties work together with the PRIMARY GOAL being to develop talent. The agreement is aimed at extending the services of the Luxol Nursery to the Southern part of the Island and to establish a strong nursery within St. Luċija.

Luxol Sports Club – Pippo Psaila is sure that this partnership will be the foundation of a long working relationship. The main factor that led to Luxol and the new St. Luċija FC management to form this cooperation is that both share the same philosophy and love towards the game of football.  Both parties believe that this agreement will eventually be beneficial for both clubs as well as for the community within the town of St. Luċija.

St. Luċija FC – Club President Martin Agius stated that as soon as he took over the club, he immediately identified issues that were jeopardizing his clubs nursery.  He thus came up with the idea to team up with Luxol in order to continue offering a service to the community as well as strengthening the nursery set up and possibility to develop players for the future.

Both parties know that this new venture provides all involved with a challenge, but are confident that under the guidance of Technical Director Pippo Psaila and Mr. Martin Agius they can build something solid which will stand the test of time.







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