Luke Dimech’s apology

Thursday, April 29, 2010, 13:00

After last week’s strange incident between the Valletta FC’s vice captain Luke Dimech, Steve Borg and the Valletta FC fans sitting in the Millenium Stand, the player issued a statement through the club’s official website. The supporters vented their anger strongly towards their defender as the player lost his mind and made gestures towards them, removing his shirt angrily, costing him a second yellow card and eventually a red card. Some of these fans even expressed their disappointment in various comments on this website.

Luke Dimech in action against Sliema

At the end of the first half, in the game against Sliema, both Gilbert Agius and Ton Caanen tried to calm the supporters after Dimech’s outburst but has found out that a set of supporters are still mad at their vice captain and even want the club to either remove him completely from the squad or remove him from his post as vice captain. Valletta FC has now suspended the player from all club activities till the end of the season.

The incident was sparked off when Sliema’s Ivan Woods took his time to kick the ball out of play when a Valletta FC player was injured. Steve Borg and Dimech were seen exchanging words and the fans shouting both at Woods and then at Dimech. Luke immediately reacted to the insults and luckily, his gesture was not captured by the Referee or Assistant Referee, but on the stroke of half time he angrily took off his shirt, earning him a red card and nearly 3 precious points for his team!

Apology: from Luke Dimech (Source

Please accept my most sincere apology for my moment of madness last Friday towards some few individuals in the crowd seated at the Millennium stand Valletta side. I have thought long and hard about what happened and I realize how upset you must have been.

I am really sorry for creating the situation which I know I should have handled better.

I admit that I was in the wrong and can only say how sorry I am. I can promise you that this will never happen again and hope that you will give me the opportunity to prove this to you.

I understand that it might be difficult for you to accept my apology but hope that this message will help.I will do everything to honour the city shirt


Luke Dimech 66


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  2. lzammit says:

    An Arsenal player (cannot remember his name, a winger I think No. 7) once did this and the then manager Bertie Mee ordered the player to go onto the Highbury pitch in the next match without the shirt, which he then had to put on in front of the Arsenal supporters.


  3. vfc says:

    Good decision by the committee…..well done


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