London Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 10:08

Five members from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Malta travelled to London on the 19th and 20th October 2013 to compete at the London Open Gi & No-Gi Championships organised by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. In the London Gi Championship, Joe Vella and Neville Thomas, both competing in the Blue Senior 1 division fighting in the Light and Medium-Heavy categories respectively, had an excellent start where both managed to secure the Silver medal. Joe Vella won two consecutive matches to earn his spot in the final which he lost on points, thus placing 2nd.Neville Thomas secured the second place after he managed to get through his first opponent, but missed the final. Michelle Zarb, who fought in the Purple Belt category, won her first match in less than 2 minutes by submitting her opponent thus earning her spot in the final which she lost due to a controversial disqualification, thereby winning the Silver medal. Later on that day, both Joe and Neville went on to achieve two Bronze medals in the Absolute category. Unfortunately, Matthew Azzopardi, Adult Blue, had to face a very tough opponent who eventually went on to win his division, while Edward Muscat, who made his debut in the White Belt category, was stopped in his first round.


Joe Vella and Michelle Zarb further competed in the London IBJJF No-Gi Championship where both athletes managed to win Gold in their respective categories. No-Gi is a competition in which athletes compete only wearing top/shorts, therefore without the traditional martial arts jacket/trousers. Joe managed to win his final match on points, while Michelle, who was fighting an opponent from a heavier category, managed to win in just 3 minutes after applying a crippling arm-lock on her opponent.



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