Live international horse racing events at Maltco shops

Friday, March 27, 2015, 15:37

For the first time ever Maltese Horse Racing enthusiasts can watch one of the top international horse racing events; The Dubai World Cup 2015 LIVE. Maltco Lotteries will be transmitting the full event LIVE at all Maltco Lotteries shops around Malta and Gozo.

During the recent years, Maltco shops have given a different approach to gaming. What was before a boring standing queue to buying your tickets, has become today; a place for meeting friends, socialising and sharing the joy and excitement with other players.

Horse Racing is one of the most followed sports on the island, and this reflects also the popularity of all Horse Racing events shown regularly at the several Maltco shops. Now for the first time ever, Maltese enthusiasts can watch their favourite and most popular Horse Racing event in the world; The Dubai World Cup.

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