Excess RP Bidnija heavily defeated by hosts

Thursday, August 18, 2011, 19:50

by Sandro Micallef in Skopje, Macedonia

The debut of Maltese representatives Excess RP Bidnija in the 2011 edition of the UEFA Futsal Cup commenced on a negative note as the team led by player coach Florin Anton was defeated 9-1 by hosts KMF Zelezarec Skopje.

It was a very difficult task especially into the latter part of the game when Anton had minimal options to rest his team-mates namely Ribic, Cope and Martinovic who played the majority of the 40 minute playing time match.

Jonathan Sammut and Christian Micallef gave some deep breath to the above with the latter being utilized in segments all throughout the match.

After going down 1-0 with an early goal, Excess RP Bidnija made the score 1-1 with Alexander Ribic with a fast counter attack. The team managed a splendid 10 minutes of pure Futsal well played with an organized set up. But two goals in the dying moments of the first half proved fatal as there was no way back for our opponents who showed no mercy from the kick off of the second half onwards.

It was a pity that the collective effort and organized set pieces which were the positives of the first half were not extended to the second part of the match.

The first half ended 3-1 for the Macedonians but it was a drive through in the second half for the final score 9-1. The score could have been bigger if it was not for some superb saves by ex ZC Excess keeper Brian Baldacchino who forms also part of the Malta FA Futsal selection.

It was evident that the lack of players on Excess’ bench proved to be the soft spot of the Maltese team which will unfortunately most probably reflect also in the next two matches of this tournament.

The goals were scored as follows:

First half

Agushi 1-0

Ribic 1-1

Leveski 2-1

Todorovski 3-1

Second Half

Rangotov 4-1

Agushi 5-1

Jovanovski 6-1

Leveski 7-1

Petrovski 8-1

Leseski 9-1

Line Ups:

Excess RP Bidnija

Brian Baldacchino, Jonathan Sammut, Darren Aitchison, Vojko Martinovic, Alan Ellul, Alexander Ribic, Adrian Lia, Christian Micallef, Florin Anton, Clint Cope

KMF Zelezarec Skopje

M. Todoroski, F.Agushi, O. Jovanovski, D. Kadiniski, Z. Leveski, A. Micevski, Z. Naskosski, D. Petroviky, N. Petrovski, D. Rangotov, M. Todorovski, I. Udovaliev


R. Muntean, A. Abbassov

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