Live BOV Premier Matches on Radio Galaxy 105 FM

Thursday, December 8, 2011, 17:17

BOV Premiership football matches are being broadcasted live on Radio Galaxy. This initiative is rendering great service to the several local football supporters who are having the opportunity to listen to complete live commentary of matches being played.

Mr Manuel Chircop, Directing Manager of Radio Galaxy, had this to comment: “This is another service being rendered to our listeners.

After experimental transmission from the Marsa Racing Club, we decided to transmit live Maltese Premiership football”.

Chircop, who manages the community Station, is also a DJ on the same frequency 105 FM. He also added ” We, being a small community radio,and our licence is limited to that of community radio, decided to render service to those localities where the majority of our listeners are locales, this is, Qormi, Hamrun, Floriana and Valetta which all have their respective football teams playing in the Premier division”,

Live matches broadcast are being held in collaboration with the MFA which gave Radio Galaxy this opportunity to perform such an experiment.

To date we have already transmitted, with great success, seven matches of good quality , both in transmission and well as service rendered.

Matches commentary can also be followed on Live commentary are being performed by Robert Busuttil and Sandro Micallef.

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