Lenient sentence for Hamrun fan

Monday, October 18, 2010, 19:45

The Hamrun supporter who jumped into the pitch during the Hamrun v Floriana match was arraigned in court earlier today, and ordered by the presiding magistrate, Dr. Antonio Micallef Trigona, not to attend any sports ground for a period of one year. The Hamrun fan Sandro Cauchi, was also fined 250 Euro for invading the football pitch besides being responsible for other offences.

A statement issued by the MFA said that this information was passed on by police inspector Robert Vella to Victor Mifsud, General Manager sports facilities, MFA.

In the ensuing incidents inspector Ramon Mercieca, carrying out duties at the lower section of the West ‘A’ stand, was pushed after Cauchi was making his way to the stand from the pitch, to the extent that the police officer was hospitalized after suffering from chest and face bruises. Mercieca was later released.

The Malta Football Association, in congruence with its resolve to stamp out unruly behavior, deplores these incidents without reservations and states there will be zero tolerance with regard to perpetrators of such misconduct who depict themselves as football lovers.

We at sportinmalta.com feel that the law Courts were too lenient in their final ruling and could have given a harsher sentence to this fan.

Local football referees were surprised to hear that such an offence was sentenced with only an insignificant fine and a prohibition not to attend sports facilities. A top local referee who spoke with this website said ”This is a shame, we Referees are not protected well during our assignments and this recent sentence is just an example of how much the law courts care about local sports and local football.” commented the Referee.

He added what happened to Kevin Azzopardi yesterday could easily happen to anyone of us during the games. “We are human beings and we do mistakes but the Courts have to admit that this sentence is also a big mistake” he added.

He concluded “The Law courts are just encouraging people to jump into the pitch and assault the officials because the intruder will just be punished by a soft sentence like it was decided today by Dr. Micallef Trigona”.

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