Leaders okmalta.com take six from Salitos

Saturday, April 2, 2011, 9:00

TEN PIN BOWLING : MSV Life National League Week 10

Similar win for chasers Ramis over Turu’s Knights

Leaders okmalta.com remain six points clear after week ten of the MSV Life National League, after beating Salitos in a 6 – 2 score line at the SuperBowl. Second place Ramis mirrored that result in their own win over Turu’s Knights, while Fina took all eight against Royal Shock, replacing the latter in third place. Middlesea Insurance are now bottom of Division I after losing 8 – 0 at the hands of The Clan, and there was another 6 – 0 outcome for Gladiators against Grolsch.

It was top team okmalta.com who were first on the scoreboard in their week ten clash with Salitos, winning the opening game 751 – 717. Game two could easily have fallen to either side, but okmalta.com manage to clinch it 808 – 794 to double their match advantage. Salitos finally got their hands on two of the eight points on offer, with a 754 – 797 game three win, their opponents securing the series by a mere three pins (2313 – 2308). Neil Sullivan (okmalta.com), 671. David Xuereb (Salitos), 552.

Second placed Ramis stayed within six points of the top spot with their own 6 – 2 win over Turu’s Knights this week. Ramis also took the early lead, thanks to their good 814 – 750 game one win, but the Knights were soon on level ground as they responded with an excellent  784 – 868 game two equalizer. Ramis then regained the advantage with a considerable 818 – 711 game three win for the match (2416 – 2329). Ray Falzon Reale (Ramis), 648. Dean Micallef (Turu’s Knights), 674, male bowler of the week.

Fina were one of two teams to bag all eight points in week ten, the big win meaning they replace opponents Royal Shock in third place, only on merit of their superior wood total to date. After an abysmal week nine defeat at the hands of Salitos, Fina rolled the highest team series of the week (2454) as all three game went in their favour, starting with a close 770 – 793 game one win, followed by a nerve-wracking 758 – 759 second game to make it 0 – 4. Fina then completed the whitewash by shooting the highest team game of the season to date, a gargantuan 902 against Royal Shock’s inadequate 719 effort. Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 671. Pierre Yves Galea (Royal Shock), 551.

The Clan were the second team to register a 100% victory this week, a damning result for opponents Middlesea Insurance, who sink to the bottom spot, while the victors remain fifth, though gaining six points on fourth placed Roil Shock. Game one could not have been any closer, The Clan taking it by a solitary pin (702 – 701). Game two was only slightly easier, ending 728 – 700, but the last of the set was never in any doubt, The Clan taking it easily, 832 – 768 the score line. Giancarlo Tolu (The Clan), 545. Pam Demanuele (Middlesea Insurance),563, female bowler of the week.

The Gladiators won 6 – 2 in the final match of the week, with Grolsch finishing the unlucky losers. They gained the early advantage by taking the first of the series 730 – 703, before squandering their advantage with a poor 676 – 688 game two result for level pegging. The deciding third was the best of the set for both sides, with Gladiators stealing it 811 – 785 for the match (2217 – 2176). Philip Borg Barthet (Gladiators), 582. Steve Cassar (Grolsch), 557.


Bowlers of the Week:

Dean Micallef (Turu’s Knights), 674

Pam Demanuele (Middlesea Insurance), 563

Standings – MSV Life National Division I, Week 10

okmalta.com – 68, Ramis – 62, Fina – 48, Royal Shock – 48, The Clan – 42, Salitos – 34, Turu’s Knights – 32, Gladiators – 26, Grolsch – 20, Middlesea Insurance – 20

Standings – MSV Life National Division II, Week 10

HSBC – 72, Spare Me Plz – 52, MIA – 44, Supreme – 42, BOV – 42, J Grima & Co – 40, Blitzkrieg – 38, One4All – 31, Vintage – 26, Touch of Class – 13

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