Last minute exciting news – Tour ta’ Malta 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012, 13:13

The Malta Cycling Federation’s long-standing ambition to make the Tour ta Malta an important event in the Maltese Sporting Calendar and to get the race international recognition is well known.

This year the Tour ta Malta has been given a boost with the sponsorship by Christina Watches that was brokered by their local agents 202 Jewellery.

Christina Watches sponsor a UCI licensed Cycling team and their sponsorship of the Tour ta Malta has enabled the participation of the Christina Watches Onfone Cycling Team as VIP Guest of the Tour Ta Malta.

This has been perceived in Scandinavia as a great coup for the Christina Watches and has generated great interest in all Scandinavian Countries.  A number of articles and blogs have been written about the sponsorship as well as the Tour Ta Malta.

This interest in the Tour ta Malta has raised the profile of the race much higher than was ever expected.  So much so, that the MCF has been contacted by Scandinavian Bodies to ask about the Tour Ta Malta.

Notwithstanding that the Tour ta Malta is not on the UCI calendar, the participation of Team Christina Watches Onfone has intrigued other UCI licensed teams and the MCF has been contact by a number of UCI licensed teams about the possible participation of the Tour ta Malta 2012.

We can now announce that the MCF has reached agreement with Team OneCo Masterhus from Norway to participate in a new category in the Tour ta Malta.  The new category is the ELITE PRO and Team OneCo Masterhus will compete against Team Christina Watches Onfone for this Category.  This category will not impact on the Final result of the Overall Winner of the Tour ta Malta, which will still be from the other categories.

Team OneCo-Mesterhus, a Norwegian UCI Continental Team consisting of 12 promising Norwegian and Swedish riders including Norway’s U23 National Road Champion 2010, Magnus Boerresen (30 UCI points in 2011), Sweden’s best sprinter and silver medallist in Sweden’s national cyclotron championships in Autumn 2011, Linus Dahlberg (8 UCI points in 2011),  and National Junior Time Trial Champion 2010, Phan Aage Haugaard.

Fresh from a successful tour of Mallorca and having been let down by the Tour of Morocco, the team will consist of the following team members:

LINUS DAHLBERG                         RIDER                                                  SWE19871010

MAGNUS BORRESON                    RIDER                                                  NOR19880918

ANDREAS LANDA                           RIDER                                                  NOR19880429

SONDRE HURUM                            RIDER                                                  NOR19881202

CHRISTIAN HANNESTAD           RIDER  RIDER                                  NOR19920203

PHAN HAUGAARD                         RIDER                                                  NOR19920513

FRED ARNE ENGER                      SPORTS DIRECTOR                          NOR19640113

LARS JUNKER                                 ASS SPORTS DIRECTOR                NOR19650817

VEGARD NYHUS                             MECHANIC                                        NOR19890505

CATHERINE ENGER                      MASSEUR

The MCF thanks Christina Watches, 202 Jewellery and the MTA for making this possible.




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