La Salle ZT Developments regain top spot with a win against Aloysians

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 19:41

The match started on a flowing and balanced pace with La Salle’s pivot Mark Gilson opened the score forLa Salleand Malcolm Zarb responded immediately for Aloysians.

On the 20th minute, Gilson received his second “2 minute suspension” and was replaced by Matthew Psaila. During the first thirty minutes, both sets of players cancelled each others advantage. At the end of the first half, Aloysian’s Jan Wieczorek scored from the seven meter penalty line to make the score 10 each.


La Salle started off the second half to a fast rhythm and scored two goals in two minutes. After 10 minutes into the second half, Psaila’s men opened up a 4 goal advantage. La Salle looked stronger then their opponents. However, Aloysians responded back and they slowly started to get back into the game. Between the 46th and 50th minute, Aloysians  scored three goals in a row to make the score 18 – 17 in favor of La Salle. La Salle responded through Gilson and two important goals by the clinical James Farrugia.

During the last ten minutes of the match,La Sallekept their cool and scored some good goals following some good tactical play to finish off the match with a 5 goal lead. Stanisavljevic’s men have now not beatenLa Sallesince 7 May.

Final Score:La SalleZT Developments 24  -  19 Aloysians

Man of the Match : Andrew SAID (La Salle)

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