La Salle ZT Developments earned a hugely significant victory over Aloysians

Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 8:50

The match provided great handball by both teams. It started on a flowing and balanced pace with both sets of players cancelling each others advantage. La Salle had to cope without the services of captain Andrew Said whilst Alex Di Pilato and ex La Sallian Damian Gargano were missing for Aloysians.

Psaila’s men defended with their compact but aggressive 6 flat defense. Aloysians opted for a 6 flat, which changed to 5 -1 at a later stage.

Right winger Daniel Tabone, the most consistent shooter throughout the first half, scored the last goal for La Salle in the first 30 minutes. La Salle ZT Developments entered their dressing room with 3 goals at their advantage.

In the second half, Aloysians tried to fight their way back into the game however La Salle weren’t about to throw away their lead. La Salle kept the same standards throughout the match and finally turned out on the winning end with a five goal difference. La Salle backs Magro, Farrugia, McClean and Turban managed to excite the numerous La Sallian supporters by finding the back of the net on numerous occasions in style. The match ended 30 – 25 in favor of La Salle ZT Developments.

La Salle ZT Developments are a win away to clinch the MHA cup versus Kavallieri in two weeks time.

Man of the Match:- Daniel TABONE

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