La Salle Pro LED claim Promotion League title

Thursday, March 17, 2011, 10:04

In a nail-biting match, La Salle Pro LED beat Kavallieri RS2 to claim the Promotion League title. This success adds up to the other trophies already won by La Salle Handball Club who, until now, are boasting of six major honours out of eleven this season. (Not including the Men’s Super Cup). Lead by coach Ian Psaila, La Salle Pro LED are still unbeaten this season and have won the league with two matches to spare. Despite starting their league campaign on a shaky note and notching close victories, La Salle Pro LED kept their momentum and managed to bring home more silverware at the club.

As mentioned earlier, La Salle Handball Club have now won six major honours, these are, Women’s Super Cup, Men’s and Women’s MHA Cup, Men’s and Women’s Promotion League and the U/17 Boys’ League who won their category with a 100% winning record. The committee of La Salle Handball Club would like to thank all the coaches, players, technical staff and their supporters for the commitment shown throughout the season, without which none of these honours would have been won.

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