La Salle claim a historic double Super Cup

Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 21:42

La Salle claim a historic double Super Cup victories over Aloysians. Both men and women teams beat their rivals by 5 goals.

Following an important league victory over Aloysians, in less then four days La Salle once again beat Aloysians to claim the Super Cup. The match was rather balanced initially with both teams cancelling each others lead. Following a 7 minute period in the second half whereby the score was locked at 12-9 in La Salle’s favour, whereby both teams were erratic infront of goal, La Salle Trendi managed to surge ahead thanks to excellent goals scored by Bulgarian player Kami Dobrancheva and Bernadette Vassallo. On the other end, Raffaella Zammit Tabone was having an excellent match defending the La Sallian goal post. Although towards the end of the encounter, Aloysians attempted a comeback Falzon’s girls, kept fighting for the victory till the end. This win merited La Salle Trendi their forth Super cup success.

Final score: La Salle Trendi 23     Aloysians 18
Player of the Match: Raffaella ZAMMIT TABONA

La Salle ZT Developments maintained their unbeaten record this season by claiming an impressive victory over rivals Aloysians to clinch the Super Cup for the forth time. Serbian left back Aleksa Zivkovic was given his debut by La Salle coach Ian Psaila. Aloysians started strongly scoring three goals in a row, however with the help of the numerous supporters; the La Sallians slowly got themselves in the game. After 15 minutes, La Salle drew level and went for the half time break leading by one goal.

In the second half Aloysians tried their best to get back into the game, however La Salle capitalised their lead through a number of penalties converted by James Farrugia, led by a highly determined Andrew Said in defence.  La Salle ZT Developments managed to control the match crowning them Super Cup winners for the ultimate joy of the Lasallian clan.

Final score: La Salle ZT Developments 29    Aloysians 24

Player of the Match: Aleksa Zivkovic





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