Korentin and Lord of Rush first in Gold Races

Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 18:16

by Kenneth Vella

The 57th meeting of the season, made up of ten races all for trotters on a short distance of 1640m was held on Sunday at the Marsa race track. The two most important races in this card were those open for class Gold races and which were won by Korentin driven by Michael Ellul and Lord of Rush driven by Ludvic Ghigo.

In the first class Gold race, Korentin (Michael Ellul) increased its speed 500m from the end and registered its first win of the season from Marlow As (Kevin Sciberras). Favourite Livi Cantona (Julian Farrugia) and Landi Breton (Wayne Farrugia) finished in third and fourth place.  

The second class Gold race was contested by thirteen horses. Here Lord of Rush (Ludvic Ghigo) surged ahead midway through the final straight and obtained its second win of the year from Chef FC (Shawn Portelli), Swedish newcomer Tornado Hornline (Charles Camilleri) and Crane Beach (Andre’ Farrugia).

The programme included also four races for class Silver trotters. In the first race, Bankir Zon (Clint Vassallo) led all the way and obtained its third win of the season by five lengths from Kulls Nero (Tony Demanuele), Izor Rick (Eugenio Bondin) and Syllabub (Rodney Gatt). A keen tussle between Big Hit (Charlo’ Debono) and Black Guy (Charles Camilleri) in the second class Silver race, gave the former its third win of the year. Bete Saknussen (Claudio Refalo) and Matador Knick (Carmelo Farrugia) ended respectively in third and fourth place. The winner clocked a good average time of 1.14.8” per kilometer.  

There was a close finish in the third class Silver race when Joker Pitstop (Charles Camilleri) and Notice As (Carl Caruana) sprinted together in the final metres. The win was awarded to the former with Kobber Dust (Darren Mizzi) and Kamido (Roswald Hili) finished in third and fourth place. In the 4th class Silver race, Nevada Silver (Julian Farrugia) stormed clear off the field 200m to go to claim its first win in Malta from King Boy du Dane (Michael Ellul), Iras du Bottey (Ivan Bilocca) and Sakura Victory (Clifforty Calleja).

Another racing programme will be held next Wednesday, national holiday, with the first race starting at 1.30pm. This programme will consist of ten races, all semi finals for French trotters.

Yesterday’s winners.

Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 1640m.  1. Vasterbo Lymmel (Raymond Clifton) – 1.16.9”

Race 2. Class Bronze. Dist – 1640m. 1. The Womanizer (Mario Farrugia) – 1.16.4”

Race 3. Class Bronze. Dist – 1640m. 1. Chilly Beast (Herman Mc Kay) – 1.15.5”

Race 4. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Bankir Zon (Clint Vassallo) – 1.15.1”

Race 5. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Big Hit (Charlo’ Debono) – 1.14.8”

Race 6. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Joker Pitstop (Charles Camilleri) – 1.15.7”

Race 7. Class Gold. Dist – 1640m 1.  Korentin (Michael Ellul) – 1.14.8”

Race 8. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Nevada Silver (Julian Farrugia) – 1.15.9”

Race 9. Class Gold. Dist – 1640m. 1. Lord of Rush (Ludvic Ghigo) – 1.16.1”

Race 10. Class Bronze. Dist – 1640m.  1. Nuthan d’Emi (Carl Caruana) – 1.16.2”

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