KMS Non-Olympic Sports Funding Scheme

Monday, July 4, 2011, 16:36

Left to Right : Mr Cassar, Ms Mifsud Bonnici, Mr Caruana Curran, Mr Vella

In its strive to instigate a sport culture, the Kunsill Malti għall-iSport (KMS) endeavours to develop and implement sport programmes targeting all members of the Maltese community.  KMS as both regulator and provider of services in the Sport and Active Leisure sector is also committed to supporting local sports from its grassroots to the highest level of sport. This is achieved in a number of ways through investing in the provision of a number of support programmes, which offer finanical subsidies and/or provision of facilities to KMS registered sports associations, federations and clubs.

For the second consecutive year, through the KMS Non-Olympic Sports Funding Scheme, KMS is widening and investing further in local sport, offering assistance to non-olympic sport entities registered with KMS. A total of 24 sport disciplines will benefit from this scheme which has an initial allocation of €25,700 for the year 2011. The beneficiary sport associations registered with KMS,  were presented their respective commitment letters, on 20th June 2011, at the KMS Cottonera Sports Complex, by Mr Joe Caruana Curran, KMS Director.  Mr Kenneth Vella and Ms Maria Mifsud, KMS Directors, together with Mr Sinclair Cassar, were also present for the presentation.

This scheme provides grants for training and technical preparations for both local and international competitions, including partially assisting in the expenses involved for travelling and/or participating in training camps abroad. This means that through this scheme KMS is creating further opportunities at national level for non-olympic sports athletes to grow and sustain their participation.

KMS offers a number of schemes, some of which include:

  • Venue Scheme,
  • Use of School Sport Facilities Scheme,
  • Facility Maintenance Scheme,
  • Facility Improvement Scheme,
  • Special Sports Leave Scheme,
  • Youth Development Scheme,
  • Professional Services  Scheme,
  • Sport Tourism Scheme,
  • Tax Rebate Schemes,
  • 20/20 Training Scheme,
  • Elite Athletes Training Scheme,
  • Equipment Scheme,
  • Doping Control Scheme,
  • Sports Personnel Scheme,  
  • International Participation Foreign Assistance,
  • Local Councils Scheme
  • Non-Olympic Sport Scheme.

Sports Entities benefiting from this fund for 2011 include:

  • Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi
  • Federazzjoni Klabbs tal-Boċċi
  • Għaqda Regatta Nazzjonali
  • International Federation Body Builders Malta
  • Malta Netball Association
  • Malta Rugby Football Union
  • National Federation of Sports Anglers
  • Malta Baseball and Softball Association
  • Malta Billiards and Snooker Association
  • Malta Chess Federation
  • Malta Cricket Association
  • Malta Dancesport Association
  • Malta Darts Association
  • Malta Drifting Association
  • Malta Golf Association
  • Malta Karate Federation
  • Malta Kendo Federation
  • Malta Pool Association
  • Malta Racing Club
  • Malta Squash
  • Malta Table Football Sports Association
  • Malta Tenpin Bowling Association
  • Traditional Karate Federation of Malta

More information about these funding programmes can be found on the KMS website or by contacting Sinclair Cassar on

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