Kirkop Strengthen top spot

Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 0:01
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 1
Marsa   0       Kirkop Utd   4
Kirkop consilidated top spot by beating Marsa by four clear goals and they are on maximum points from 9 games. The final result is a clear indication that Kirkop had a very easy task. Marsa are in bottom place having only two points also from 9 games.
In the first attack by Kirkop they opened the score after 6 minutes with a choral move between three players. James Abdilla  released George Aquilina on the left flank who after dribbling past an opponent crossed the ball in the area and after Marsa keeper Justin Cassar fumbled the ball Brandon Farrugia had the easiest of tasks to tap the ball into an empty net.
Kirkop kept pressing by creating more actions and kept the Marsa rearguard penned in their own half for long stretches. Abdilla served Aquilina with a through ball and he missed the upright from outside the area. Abdilla was fouled on the left flank and from Asin Scerri’s free kick the ball missed the near post by inches and Luca Mizzi dribbled past an opponent and he missed the bar by inches from outside the area.
Four minutes before the break Kirkop doubled their lead when Tony Vella Stanyer was fouled outside the area and after the ball thumped the bar from the free kick by Scerri, Aquilina headed in from the rebound.
Six minutes after restart Abdilla won a loose ball in Marsa’s half and as he tried his luck with a high shot the ball hit the bar with Cassar beaten and moments later  he denied the same player with a diving save as he tried a hard shot from outside the area.
Abdilla was then fouled on the right flank and Cassar saved in two attempts the free kick shot by Scerri. Aquilina released Karl Caruana on the left flank who after advancing the ball whizzed the bar from his cross-shot.
In Marsa’s first and only action they were awarded a free kick in midfield which was taken by Dailin Galea and the ball missed the bar by iches.
The score became 3-0 in the 75th minute as Aquilina served Caruana with a through ball in the area who after beating an opponent scored with a low drive, and just before the final whistle Aquuilina pounced on a loose ball outside the area and scored with a hard rising shot in the top right hand corner.
Marsa: J.Cassar, B.Agius, K.Schembri, T.Debono, R.Cauchi, R.Armadi, D.Galea, D.Zammit, 
           J.Farrugia, K.Formosa (R.Cassar 18) (K.Meilak 30), S.Vella
Kirkop Utd: M.Attard, J.Cassar, C.Grixti (K.Camilleri 75), T.Vella Stanyer,J.Abdilla (I.Mizzi 57)                  S.Micallef (A.Tanti 72), K.Caruana (S.Cutajar 75) G.Aquilina, B.Farrugia (R.Caruana                   68) A.Scerri, L.Mizzi.
Referee; Alexie Tabone                               Player of the match: George Aquilina (Kirkop Utd)

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