Kinesio Taping course by Dr Stefano Frassine to be held this month

Monday, July 4, 2011, 17:41


  1. Introduction

A   What is Kinesio Taping®?

  1. Involves taping over and around muscles to assist and support or prevent over contraction of the muscles
  2. Allows for full range of motion and can facilitate the lymphatic system
  3. Can be combined with other therapies i.e.: cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, electrical stimulation, etc.


  1. What is the difference between Kinesio Taping® and other taping?
    1. White Athletic Taping
      1. Most commonly used in USA
      2. Can only be left on for short periods of time 2° constriction
      3. Can cause skin irritation and often requires pre-wrap
      4. High latex content


  1. McConnell Taping
    1. bracing or strapping using super-rigid and constrictive highly adhesive tape
    2. Adverse skin reactions and intolerable for long periods of time
    3. Effects biomechanics of patient


  1.  Kinesio Taping®
    1. therapeutic, highly specific designed tape, supportive and rehabilitative
    2. allows full ROM, does not effect biomechanics
    3. No latex, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin
    4. Non-compressive and comfortable, worn 3-5 days
    5. Water resistant to wick water away
    6. Effects lymphatic system, circulatory system to promote healing and decrease pain

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