Kickboxing: Youngsters share their skills with the Fgura community

Monday, June 26, 2017, 16:08

Children and young adults who train kickboxing with great dedication at Ying Yang club – Team Noel, last Friday gave a demonstration of this sport during an activity in Fgura.

Team Noel athletes shared their skills and techniques in kickboxing and boxing with the Fgura community that hosts them, since the Ying Yang club has been situated in this town for the past seven years.

During the Maltese Night organised by the musical society Madonna tal-Karmnu, the audience had the opportunity to watch various kickboxing techniques, including different punches, kicks and knee-strikes.

The sparring sessions went down particularly well with the audience, especially those wo had never witnessed a fight between champions and professional athletes. The youngest kickboxers also drew the eye of many among the audience, as they already possess advanced skills in this sport.

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