Kickboxing grading for Ying Yang

Friday, June 4, 2010, 17:15

In May the Malta Kickboxing Association (MKBA) organised another grading for its students. Instructors and athletes from various Maltese Kickboxing clubs met together to show how much they have improved in this Sports discipline in the past months.

Out of the 35 athletes that took part, 26 of them train with the Ying Yang Kickboxing Club. Master Noel Mercieca, founder of the Club, is always on the go in order to train his students so they will be ready for the grading and any upcoming competitions. Mercieca as second in command of the MKBA has helped as well in the organisation of the event itself.

The Ying Yang’s students were examined by instructors of other clubs in order to have a fair assessment. All those who participated were asked to perform different punching and kicking techniques. The higher the Belt level the more difficult are the techniques that the athletes have to execute. Since in this Sport there is a certain level of contact all the Kickboxers were asked to put on their entire protective gear.

The Belts achieved and the names of the Ying Yang Kickboxers were: Red Belt: Martina Bonanno, Andrew Stone, Joseph Żammit, Silvio Psaila, Lorella Camilleri, Maria Attard, Melchior Micallef, Jerome Camilleri, Matthew Galea; Green Belt: Farren Borġ, Alan Gatt, Darren Micallef, Isaac Chetcuti, Isaac Gatt, Brandon Spiteri, Rachel Sammut, Courtney Vella, Alteha Vella, Monarit Vella; Purple Belt: Matthew Tabone, Claire Tabone, Jean Pierre Vella; Blue Belt: Shaun Muscat, Moira Delia, Lucienne Rosso, Brown Belt: Piage Cappello

The other MKBA Clubs that took part in the grading were Demis Kickboxing Club and Strike Kickboxing Club. The latter is the newest addition to the Association. All the clubs that are part of the MKBA are members as well of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN). Recently Terence Cilia, member of the Ying Yang Club won a WKN match with a Kickboxer from Northern Ireland.

For more information regarding training days please visit the website or contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or

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