Kickboxing exam for Ying Yang Club’s students

Thursday, September 9, 2010, 9:17

.In July the Maltese Kickboxing Association (MKBA) organised another grading for it’s students in this sport discipline. This was presided by Kancho Adrian Axisa, the founder of the MKBA.

16 students of Master Noel Mercieca, the founder of the Ying Yang club, were part of 25 other students who trained themselves in order to show their techniques. For this exam three other Kickboxing clubs took part in it, and all of them are members of the MKBA. Together with the Ying Yang Club’s students there were those from Gozo Kickboxing and Demis Kickboxing.

The duration of the exam varied from one hour to four hours, depending on the Belt. Every level involved different Kickboxing techniques, from those with only punches or kicks to those with a combination of both. Higher the Belt higher is the technique. Since this sport discipline involves a certain level of physical contact all the athletes were required to wear protective gear.

The students, and their respective Belt, that took part in the grading were: Red: Joseph Dimech, Nicholas Ellul, Wayne Spiteri, Carl Caruana, Jeffrey Scicluna, Luke Formosa, Luis Vella, Andre Spiteri, Andrew Hillsdon and Noki Todorovic; Green:Jeannine Bell, Ludwig Chiantar and Fiona Farrugia; Purple: Rowena Pace; Blue: Aneliese Camilleri u Schevon Camilleri.

The Ying Yang Kickboxing is even part of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN). Since the lessons are now spread throughout the week Master Mercieca can focus on beginners and advanced students separately at different times.

For more information regarding the training days please visit the website or contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or

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