Keith Bartolo takes on Lake Zurich 26 km race

Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 20:02

After coming back from a world record relay swim, Birkirkara St. Joseph’s open water swimmer Keith Bartolo had only ten weeks to recover and get back in top shape to take on the 26-kilometre swimming race in lake Zurich.

This race is listed amongst the top ten swims in the world and Birkirkara swimmer was delighted with his qualification for this big event.

However an intestinal virus ran havoc with Bartolo’s preparations a couple of days prior to the swim.  His food intake, which plays a vital role in the build up for such an event, could not be properly followed.

All this shattered Bartolo’s plans of grabbing a podium finish. However, under the unfortunate circumstances, he still managed a strong swim and finished the race amongst the top ten in the field.

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